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          During this time, most, if not all, of the universities have started classes and the college entrance exam season for those in high school is about to begin. I thought that it would be a good time to take a break from style posts and to write about college life which I can only base on my 3-week experience. Hahaha

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          One of the most important things that you'll have to learn is how to manage your time. Learn how to balance your academics, social life, and your other extra-curricular activities. There will be some days when you will have lots of free time so make sure to not waste it and make the most out of this because there will also be days when you have no extra time at all. Make sure that you are not sacrificing your academics but also make sure that you have time to have fun and hang out with your friends!

          College is also when you get to meet different kinds of people. Let's face it, not everyone can be and should be your friend. This is why you need to choose your friends carefully. Try to avoid those who will be bad influences to you and those who will get you in trouble. Go for the ones who can be your study buddies during exams but can also be your party buddies in the right times. You and your friends should be serious when you need to be but you guys must also know how to have fun and enjoy whenever you can!

          Being surrounded by different kinds of people is not that easy. Just don't forget to be yourself. Don't be afraid of being left out. You will always find your place. Stick to what makes you different and unique. Why would you want to be the same as everyone else? Being the same is boring. Don't force yourself to fit in and be like everyone else! Being yourself is being different. Being different is being unique. Being unique is being beautiful. So don't get lost in that crowd, STAND OUT!

          Lastly, learn how to just relax, have fun, and enjoy! You are probably very stressed especially when you're a freshman like me since we just entered a whole new environment. Don't stress too much on anything and never be afraid of not knowing certain things. This entire journey is a learning process. Do not be afraid to try new things and explore. Go out of your comfort zone and see what this new journey has in store for you.

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          Hope you got at least a little something that you would bring with you not only to college but even after graduation. Got something to say? You may send them through the feedback form or through the CONTACT page. You may also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook to see more! Keep doing what you love and see you guys on the next post!

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."

Photos by Kim Cruz
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