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          Hey guys! This was supposed to be posted a week ago but I really didn't have time to do it. I've been really busy these past few weeks because I had to do so many things for college as classes start already in a few days. Fortunately, after hours and hours of waiting in line and walking from building to building, I am finally done with the entire process and I am finally ready for school! Now that all of these stuff has been taken care of, I finally have the time to write another post again so here is a post where style meets poetry!


Cold and alone in the dark of the night
I wander the streets in search for the light
I entered an alley and that's where I found you
You were what I needed, at that moment I knew

Your flames gave me the warmth that I needed
Comfort I found in bright orange and red
Falling in love with who once was stranger
We promised forever like there was no danger

As time passed we became closer and closer
And soon your flames just grew hotter and hotter
What once was comfort is now nothing but pain
But still I held on and ignored the voice from my brain

Soon I was burned by my beloved flame
I held you too close, a mistake I am to blame
I should've known better than to fall
And get too attached to a deceiving fireball

And now that I'm free from your magical spell
Witness a greater flame as I raise hell
What you don't know is that I am a storm
Just like you, I, too, can take a new form

I will bring showers and put your flames out
But did I love you? Yes, without a doubt
A fact that I can't change even now that we're burned out

          I'm really a minimalist when it comes to dressing up. I usually just use plain pieces but I still keep it colorful by mixing and matching different colors and sometimes even screaming and loud colors. Hahaha. So for this outfit, it's a very plain and simple combination of neutral and warm colors. It kinda reminds me of like a fireplace where you have the flame surrounded by gray stones. As I promised in my previous post, I would use again this pouch in this post to show how flexible it when it comes to matching colors. This outfit also gives me that fall or autumn vibe because of the colors and you would also definitely compliment the colors of the falling leaves during this season.

Top: Gray Button-Down Shirt from Uniqlo
Pants: Red Cotton Pants from Basic House
Bag: Blue-Green Pouch from FINO Leatherware
Shoes: Gray Suede Boots from ZALORA

          The pop of color in this outfit is only coming from the red pants which I contrasted with the blue pouch. Since red is a very strong color, I just decided to go neutral with gray for my top and shoes. That technique is something you can never go wrong with whenever you use colored pants. Just use the same neutral color for your top and shoes and it should work out just fine! I really enjoy the combination of shoes that are cut above your ankle, glasses, a button-down shirt, and a watch because it can instantly make you look dressed up without putting so much effort! Like I mentioned in my previous post, this blue pouch is really versatile because you can either match it with the same color or contrast it with another color in your outfit just like how I contrasted it with my red pants here.

          That's it for now! Thanks for reading my post and I hope you like it! I will try to post regularly despite classes starting already. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get updated whenever I have a new post up on the blog! You may also contact me through the feedback form or through my email which you can find at the CONTACT page. Keep doing what you love and see you on the next post! (hopefully soon haha)

"Sometimes all we need is a little warmth"

Photos by Cams Olaguivel
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