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          Hey guys! Thanks for coming back to read this new style post! You might be getting tired of my posts since they're all about fashion and style even if I try to add some sort of deep inspirational stuff and things to think about. Please bear with me for now as I try to think of other things to put up that would interest you. So for now I guess style posts accompanied by a few life lessons usually from my experience will have to do. I promise to try and add variety and color to this blog once I get some creative ideas. Hahaha

          So for this post, the photos gave me the feeling of being lost in the middle of nowhere and away from all the distractions since we shot these photos in a small garden in between tall and busy buildings. It really made me feel like I was free from all the stress of the city even if we were surrounded by people rushing to the office and cars honking their horns at each other.

          Have you ever been lost when you're all alone in a place you're not familiar with? If yes, then you probably know how terrifying it feels to be all alone in a place that you've never been to before. It feels like an endless search for anything familiar that you could find that might help you get back on track. After all the fear and stress, you finally find something familiar, may it be a landmark you remember or a friend who you were with before you got lost. This is when you feel that sense of relief and overwhelming happiness. Just like in life, the times when we feel lost and alone, are the times when we slowly find ourselves. Times like these allow us to know ourselves more and figure out who we really are and what we want to become. And just like when we are physically lost somewhere, time will come when the search will finally be over and we then find our true selves and come out as much better individuals. This is why I want to tell you to never be afraid to get lost. In fact, I encourage you to get lost. Go out and explore. Expose yourself to new adventures. Don't be afraid to be alone. Remember that the best thinking is done in solitude and being alone doesn't mean you're lonely. Find comfort in isolation and simply be happy.

          So for this outfit, it's very clean and super simple. Very basic contrast coming from the soft light pink top, and the dark solid blue-green pants and pouch. The light pink and blue combination is very light and easy on the eyes. It's perfect for days out when the sun is up. It's a casual outfit which is why I opted for a simple pair of black and white loafers, yet it still gives that hint of class and sophistication which is why I decided to accent this outfit with a pair of semi-round glasses to finish off the look. Although black is a neutral color, the glasses and loafers both being black still add to that sense of color coordination.

Top: Light Pink Long Sleeves (similar one available at Lazada PH)
Pants: Blue-Green Stretch Jeans from H&M
Shoes: Black and White Loafers with Metal Buckle from Sledgers
Blue-Green Leather Pouch from FINO Leatherware
          My favorite part of this outfit is the "blue with a tad bit of green" leather pouch. Its color is surprisingly very easy to match. I am able to use it with almost any of my outfits. It's also very handy for times when you need to bring things with you and your pockets just won't do. I will include this pouch in my next post with another set of colors to show you how versatile it is and just because I am currently in love with this piece. Hahaha

          Long sleeves might be too formal just for a day out which is why I decided to roll up the sleeves to sort of balance it out. This type of glasses and a pouch also adds to that sort of formal vibe of this look which I evened out with casual loafers and folding up my pants a bit. I think I have mentioned this already in another post but balance is really the key to putting together a good outfit. Just make sure to not have too much  of anything in a particular outfit unless that is really the look you're going for.

          That's all for now! I hope that you got something from this or any of my other posts. If you have any questions, concerns, or if you just wanna say hi, don't hesitate to contact me through my Twitter and Instagram. You can also check the CONTACT page or use the feedback form for anything you want to tell me. Feedback is very much appreciated! I hope to see you again next post and keep doing what you love!

"Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves."
Henry David Thoreau

Photos by Cams Olaguivel
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