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          Welcome back guys! First off, sorry for not posting for a month. I was just really full with lots of things to do. Despite all of these, I finally found time to work on my blog again. Yay! Hahaha. I'll really do my best to keep updating this blog regularly for all of you. So with that, here goes a post about being different and stepping out of your comfort zone.

          For the people who are familiar with the way I dress, you would notice that this isn't the type of clothes that I actually wear. This is because this post is different from the two previous posts I made. This time, I actually didn't style myself. You'll find the credits to the amazing team behind these photos below. I decided to feature an outfit that's not styled by me to try and show another personality and perspective. One that is not similar to mine. I believe that getting exposed to different people with their own sense of style broadens your knowledge and gives you more ideas that you can use in your own outfits. I was not too confident with this outfit at first because as I previously said, it's not really similar to my usual outfits, but I was confident since my stylist friend never fails. When I saw the first few photos, I was happy with how the outfit turned out and I finally gained enough confidence to finish off the shoot. Something different isn't so bad after all.

          The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the complete outfit is dancer. The combination of the pieces give off a dynamic and lively feel to it. These clothes really look like they were made to look best when in motion. It's very youthful and fresh. If you're just going out to the park or even to the mall and you want something very basic and casual, this outfit may just what you needed. It's very comfortable yet it's still very stylish. It may be just a simple outfit but it can definitely turn heads. It may really not what I'm used to wearing but I fell in love with this outfit. Because of this, I'm actually starting to wear outfits like this when I go out. Definitely no regrets on trying out something this new look.

Top: White Baseball Tee with Dark Blue Sleeves
Tied on the Waist: Light Wash Denim Long Sleeves
Joggers: Blue Joggers from OutKast Paradigm available at Brick and Mortar PH
Shoes: White Sneakers with Black Floral Print from American Eagle Outfitters
Cap: American Eagle Outfitters
          The blue and white color combination of this outfit makes it look sporty and neat at the same time. The baseball tee, joggers, and cap, combined, give off that athletic feel. I like how the light wash denim long sleeves provides additional texture and another shade of blue to add variety. The  prints on the shoes and sneakers breaks the monotony of the outfit's solid colors. Baseball tees are very basic pieces that you can mix into your outfits. I consider them one of the essential pieces in my wardrobe that I can pull out for that casual and sporty look. I'm not so sure about where this tee came from but you can find one just like it here or you may check out LAZADA's Fashion Section for Men for stylish pieces that will definitely upgrade your wardrobe.
Watch: White G-Shock by Casio
Awkward smile to end the post haha

          In conclusion, never be afraid to go out and try new things. Be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone because that is where great things happen. If we are always afraid to try new things, we will never discover something new. We will be stuck to our "usuals" which will end up becoming too ordinary and boring. I challenge you to try something new and different within the next 24 hours and make sure to tell me about it through my email ( and I'll make sure to reply. Follow me @diegohernndz on both Instagram and Twitter to stay updated! See you soon on my next post and keep doing what you love!

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

Photography: Ralph Hornilla
Styling: Edrianne Tui of Sartorial Sensation Inc.
Grooming: Julius Cabanisas

Follow our styling team, @SartorialSensationInc , on Instagram for some style inspiration!

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