The wait is finally over! I'm really sorry for the long wait but at least this post is finally up, right? I decided to start with something very basic by going for a very simple outfit made up of black, white, and a little bit of gray which also matches the color scheme of the blog.

          Personally, I am a huge fan of bright colors and I enjoy mixing and matching different colors and just playing around with them. I feel like they bring more life to what I'm wearing and they are more expressive, however, I still enjoy the simplicity of what going black and white brings. We must never forget to appreciate the beauty that simplicity brings to everything around us. There are times when I just want a break from the loudness of colorful clothes and I just want to enjoy that sort of silence with neutral colored outfits that are very easy to wear. After all, silence speaks when words can't. Yes, style and clothes can really teach you things about life. After all, fashion is a way of life, right? Hahaha. Just pretend I didn't try too hard to find a connection and make it relevant.

          So whenever you feel like you want an outfit that's very easy to wear, and something not too risky and bold, try playing around with neutral colors (or in this case black and white). The good thing with black and white is that it never gets old and it's always in style. It's really hard to go wrong with these colors and yet they can still make you look like you really put in effort in putting together your outfit. You can now not stress too much about what you're going to wear but still look stylish at the same time.

          For this outfit, I decided to go dark with black chinos and black Vans which I then decided to create some sort of contrast with a white long-sleeve shirt with black/gray prints. What I'm wearing on top is very light which balances out the darkness of what I'm wearing below. This allows the outfit to not look too dark and too black. Always remember, too much of anything is bad. Haha

Top: White Long-sleeve Shirt with Black/Gray Prints from Old Navy
Pants: Black Chinos from Uniqlo
Belt: Black and White Stretch Belt from Uniqlo
Shoes: All Black Vans with Gray Soles

          Thanks for reading my first ever blog post! I hope you liked it! I am so happy to share this journey of mine with all of you. Keep doing what you love and see you soon on the next post!

"Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second."
Mattie Stepanek

All photos by Kenneth Lastrella
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  1. So happy you've made, Diego! The first picture is really cool! Totally agree with you about B&W! And some color definitely lifts the spirits! Thank you so much for your amazing comment on my blog! I appreciate every word!


    1. Following you on twitter btw! ;)

    2. Thanks for all your kind words! Really appreciate it! Keep doing what you love :)


  2. Nice! great pics